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Welcome to the online home of me, Chelsea Rausch, artist and writer! This is where I share information on my latest projects, advice and tips for creatives and insight into what it’s like being a full time work from home artist.

I’m currently on a hiatus from running my online business and blog.

That means you’ll see less blog posts and the Etsy store is closed down, as well as all my social media pages besides Instagram.

I am so grateful to everyone for all the support they’ve given over the years, but it is time for me to focus less on sales and more on what I need as an artist. If you’re interested in purchasing any art, please check the shop link, at the top of the page, for details on how to contact me! And please continue to check back here for updates, as I will still post occasionally and will update here when I’m ready to come back full time.

With love,