Back in Business: Adjusting Goals and Embracing New Opportunities

I’m back!

After a month of hard work on this new site, soul searching and let’s be honest…a few tears, I’m here. New website. New vision. New goals.

Before I took the break, I was sharing with you my vision to create new products, start a stationary line and begin creating free resources for creatives. I had LOTS of big dreams. Things I thought I wanted. Visions I was ready to dive into with everything.

But then something happened during that break.

A new opportunity came to start working with someone I’ve admired for a long time now.

I didn’t hesitate to seize this (work with one of your heroes, uh, yes please). It got me thinking though…

What did I really want to do?

For over a year, I worked to find a decent job in my field. Struggled as a freelancer and threw myself out at every chance I could possibly take. I cried over rejection emails. Felt like I failed somehow when, after hundreds of interviews, I didn’t have a stable job. It was around that time I decided to dedicate myself to my art. To building a business and a brand, and pursuing those goals. And it felt amazing to let that shit go, and start focusing on what I could do for me.

Still, when the job offer came my way, I didn’t hesitate and part of realized something: this work makes me much happier.

And suddenly, I felt guilty.

I’ve always preached pursuing your dreams, going after big ass goals and sticking to it when the going gets tough.

Yet…my new job, even after a few weeks, was making me feel more fulfilled than any of the work I’d been doing to “build my brand”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love art. I love making it, sharing it and being able to sell it so that others get to appreciate what I’ve dedicated myself to. But I’ve always struggled with the marketing side. The making it profitable side. And the “branding” of it all. When I started making it art, it was to just do that. To make. To be creative. Because that was the part that has always filled me with joy. I love growing as an artist and developing my skills. I hate sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out ways to get people to buy it.

So then what does this all mean?

Well, I’m adjusting my goals. I’m no longer interested in building a stationary line. I’m not going to be creating tons of free content or different products and I’m not going to kill myself over sales figures.

I’m going to make art.

And I’m going to get better at it.

I’m going to focus on this job that I LOVE. I’m going to have the honor of helping someone build on her dreams, and be able to give back for all the inspiration she’s put into my own life.

And I’m going to enjoy every second of it.

I struggled for a bit with this decision. Part of my heart felt like I was trying to take the easy way out and abandon what I believe in. But frankly, that’s not true. Because at the core of everything I’ve shared, it’s this one truth: be honest with yourself. And my honest to God truth, the thing I feel deep in my being, is that I’m happiest just being a plain ol’ artist and helping others. I’m fortunate that now, that’s exactly what I get to do.

That doesn’t mean I’m disappearing! I’m still working on this blog, sharing on social media and selling on Etsy! These are things that are near and dear to my heart.

I don’t regret a single thing I’ve done in the last year.

I’m thankful that I have had all these opportunities to build on my skills and learn things that are now helping me be successful in my job as well as my career as an artist. And I’m excited to see where they take me next and what else I’ll get to learn. Who knows, maybe in the future I go back to some of these ideas, but for now…I’m going to let myself be content.

What you’ll be seeing from me then, is lots and lots more art. Like SO. MUCH. MORE. because taking away parts of the marketing/branding side of business has allowed me to create more, as well as experiment with new styles. You’ll also be getting way more interesting blog posts, since my schedule now allows for actual time to sit and brainstorm, and write.

All good things!

 I’m so grateful to everyone who has been with me during these crazy changes! I’ve been blessed with some of the best friends, family and readers on this planet. Your support never ceases to amaze me or fill me with hope. I’m ecstatic to take on this new chapter with me.

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