Always Moving Forward (and Finally Updating the Store)

It’s the beginning of November and let me just say: I’m not sad to see October go.

When I look at back on the last four weeks it makes me totally ready to embrace a new month. I’m ready to use this time to make positive changes, let go of negativity and give myself a fresh set of challenges and goals as this year begins to wrap up. Because holy hell was October a roller coaster. Now, that’s not to say that this month was a complete wash. Some BIG things happened.

First, there was lots of soul searching. As things got tougher, and I started to hear all those fears and self doubts in my head get louder and louder, I had to stop and really examine what was going on. This last month hit me with quite a few let downs, and as much as I hated going through that, I know now that I’m a stronger person for it. We’ve all heard the cliché “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” speech at some point in our lives. And I’m here to tell you that, well, it actually is true but only if you don’t give up. I saw this month how I could let the disappointments stop me. I could give up pursuing my dreams and in some ways that would have made life a lot easier.

But I didn’t. I kept pushing and studied my mistakes.

I let myself feel the disappointment, but I didn’t let myself stay in it. Because you have to move forward if you want to succeed. And that’s why I’m not sad to see October go. I’m ready to keep going and take with me all the lessons I learned. It’s time to try something new.

Which leads me into the second amazingly huge and wonderful thing that happened this month: FINALLY updating and relaunching my Etsy store which opened up today!

I’ve had this store since early 2015, and let me be real with you here, I’ve never put the right amount of effort into it. When I started trying to sell my art online the first thing I realized was the GINORMOUS learning curve between me and the artists with years and years of experience under their brushes. I hadn’t figure out what “my thing” was yet and I struggled to make a shop that fit my vision for myself.  For years now I’ve been frustrated with it, until back in September, when I finally told myself to take a step back.

Because it wasn’t just the store that needed to be revamped. My spirit did as well.

Enter October, with its ups and downs, and there were days where I told myself I should just let the Etsy store go. And thankfully, I did not listen to those voices.

Instead, I moved forward, took in all the free online business courses I could find and came up with a new game plan for the store. The biggest change was convincing myself that more of my artwork is worthy of being sold. Then, it was all about focusing the brand. When you check out the new store, you’ll see more sections, but it’s filled with pieces I feel fit my vision for myself and my art. No more creating art just because I think someone may buy it. What you see is art that I was passionate about creating and that’s what made all the difference.

What I’m MOST excited about though is this:

I’m so happy to announce that, in addition to selling original artwork and prints, I’m now creating cards and gift tags! For the first round of cards and tags, I’ve created pieces for the holiday season, but over the next few weeks you’ll find birthday and thank you cards, as well as stationary sets. All of these are available for purchase via my Etsy store starting today!

The inspiration came from a beautiful woman named Michelle, who is a wonderful part of my yoga community. She shared an idea with me early in October about creating cards and gift tags, but with the idea that they could be frame afterwards. She shared this with when I was in one the lower points of the month (selling nothing at an art show) and after a few days of thinking on it, I realized just how brilliant Michelle’s idea was because it fit into what I love about art, which is sharing it.

I became an artist and decided to sell my art, because I wanted others to be able to enjoy it. And by creating these cards and tags, you get to be a part of that journey with me by sharing it with your family and friends!


The cards and tags are printed out on 100% cotton, cold pressed paper, which will give them a look and feel similar to watercolor paper. Each card set comes in either 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 inches so that the recipient can easily frame them! The backs have been left blank so you can write your own message. This way, those closest to you, can keep your words safe and enjoy them for many years to come. The gift tags are created through the same process, everything hand cut and prepared by me, and I can’t wait for you to share them!

So, wow, yeah I kept this project on the down low all month. And it feels so weird, scary, awesome and exhilarating to finally be putting it out there for the world to see. Super special thank you to Michelle for the original idea <3! From here, I can’t wait to grow my line of cards and extend into other paper products. We live in such a digital and technology fueled world, it is my hope that these products will counter act that (just a little bit). I’m one of those people that enjoys the snail mail process, both the receiving and sending of, letters. And I hope that this holiday season, you’ll let me be a part of that process with you.


And, because I love my blog readers (especially those who’ve made it to end of this post), I’ve created an exclusive discount that will only be found through this post. Use discount code: BESTBLOGFRIENDS at check out, to receive 25% off any purchase of $20 or more! You can visit my Etsy store by following this link: (or by going to the shop page on my website). This code is valid between November 1st to November 15th!

And because I’m so excited about these new products, for the first two weeks, I’m offering a full set of all the cards and tags at the lowest price possible!

This “Relaunch Special Set” includes:

•1 full set of the 4 x 6 inch Snowflake Wonderland cards (12 cards w/white envelopes)
•1 full set of the 4 x 6 inch Happy Holidays themed cards (12 cards w/white envelopes)
•1 full set of the holiday themed gift tags (20 tags, 3 x 4 inches)
•1 full set of the ornament themed gift tags (6 tags, 2.5 inches diameter)

That is 24 cards and 26 tags in total valued at $107 but you’ll get it for $75!

(Follow this link to view the listing: Relaunch Special Set)

Thank you to everyone who has been in this with me since the beginning. Thank you to my dear friends, my kula and the entire yoga community I’m so fortunate to be a part of. Thank you to my family, especially my husband Sam, for being the best support system in this world. Sam, you have held me through so much and I’m beyond grateful for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

So head over to the Etsy store, check out all the goods and let me know either in the comments below or on social media, what you think and what products you’d like to see! You can see all the photos of the cards and gift tags in the gallery below or by visiting the Etsy store.

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