The Beautifully Mundane

I’ve said this around a million times now, but for me the major focus for this blog is about being honest with myself and my audience. Whenever I share my advice and experience it comes from a place of truth. This week’s truth? Sometimes I have no idea what to write. My goal has always been to share one post each week and when I go to write, I always aim to create a post that is insightful and helpful. There are so many damn times though that nothing comes to me. I think back on my week which is sometimes very uneventful or it’s full of the usual stresses.

In these moments I often wonder why I’m even doing a blog to begin with.

But, if there’s another thing I’ve said a million times, it’s that I don’t want to give up even when things get tough.

This last week was full of the regular busy days, normal stressful times and my usual panicked/anxious reaction to things I can’t control, that is later calmed down when I take a deep breath and realize it is not the end of the world (that isn’t just me right?). It was bland in the most beautiful way. Don’t get me wrong, I love adventure and spontaneity. I enjoy experiencing new things and living life free (or as free as one can with kids/bills/responsibilities).

I also love the everyday.

© C.S. Rausch 2017

I have a crazy, hectic and beyond beautiful life. My husband is amazing, my kids bring me joy and I’m lucky enough to be working on pursuing my dreams. And this life of mine is only possible if my family does the boring every day stuff. We have to work to pay the bills, kids need to be shuttled back and forth and the dogs need to be walked consistently and often. The food needs to be cooked and there are going to be days when cleaning the house takes up more of my time than I’d like.

It isn’t always glamorous, but it is what makes so much of what is awesome about my life available to me.

That is why I’m grateful for the mundane.

Maybe every week I won’t have something deep and moving to share. There will probably be tons more times where I have zero clue what to write. But ultimately, the freedom to work on this blog and get better at generating ideas, is an option I have because I’ve gone through the hard parts, stuck through the boring ones and made it here.

© C.S. Rausch 2017

I hope that whatever is going on with your day, mundane or exciting, that you’ve taken the time to be grateful. I’ll be the first to admit that gratitude doesn’t always come naturally to me. Often I’ll let myself get caught up in my own frustrations or setbacks and forget that, in most cases, things could be a lot worse. I know overall my life could be significantly more challenging.

That is (and yes I know it is wicked early, but planning ahead here) going to be one of my major New Year’s resolutions (which is a thing I do and stick to (most of the time,okay)).

I want to end by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has signed up for my mailing list and continues to be a consistent reader. As I get ready to relaunch my store and try selling some different products, you are the people who give me hope to pursue these big ass goals. If you haven’t already signed up for the mailing list please, please, please do! You’ll be the first to know about big updates, new posts, and most importantly get super awesome discounts only available to those on the email list.  You can sign up on the homepage or by clicking the page link above that says “sign up”.

Again, thank you, because you’re each such fantastic human beings!


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