Always Making Time and Embracing the Seasons of Life

Life is busy. Like, can’t remember what day of the week it is when I wake up because my brain is fried, busy.  This is when that daily schedule of mine comes in handy. If you’re someone who works from home like me, and struggles with finding a balance, check out my blog post from back in May about creating a schedule! I’ll definitely be doing an updated version of that post soon with the new tips and skills I’ve learned recently.

When I find myself in these “I have no time” ruts, it’s really easy to end up frustrated and start saying “I can’t”. I could say I can’t make art right now. As this season of the year hits, I’m often finding myself with little time to make the new, big projects I come up with. Festival season requires a lot of framing, mating, print making, wrapping of things, and driving around. My desk ends up covered in notes about future plans, sketches, and color swatches and I could always stop there.

But I don’t, because I am an artist who needs a consistent practice.

It isn’t always easy, but I make sure that each day I create something new, even if all the time I have to give is 5 minutes. As of right now, I’ve created dozens of little paintings on the pieces of paper cut off of from larger projects.

© C.S. Rausch 2017

Sometimes I have to fit in painting while stirring a pot of noodles or ushering kids in and out of showers. I’ve sketched at karate practices and did ink lines as I’m shoving dinner into my face. There are a lot of small paintings which got smaller because I had to cut off borders stained with red sauce or toothpaste. The point, is those moments of creation often have to be fit in around moments of other responsibilities.

I don’t always like it and find myself wishing I could just be left alone at my desk.

But in a larger sense, this is just a temporary moment. A season of my life that will eventually pass and I can go back to my larger projects.

© C.S. Rausch 2017

I’ve talked about this concept of “seasons of life” before and I think, as someone who works from home and has fought for all my little moments of success, this is the most important lesson I could possibly give anyone going after their goals.

Each season of life is going to come with it’s own struggles. In those times when I have lots of open hours to create, I’m often not selling as much art because there’s no shows or festivals happening. That means trying to dedicate time and effort into marketing my online store. It means cutting it close some months financially and dealing with that whole ball of stress.

Whatever your struggles are, you can’t let them stop you. You can’t stop making time to pursue your goals or do the things that you love.

Even if it means juggling and multitasking. You just don’t give up. You embrace the season and you make the time. And it doesn’t have to be hours of time, give yourself five minutes. It’ll make a difference.

And you will come out the other side a stronger person.

© C.S. Rausch 2017




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