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I’ve been absent the last few weeks as we enjoyed the end of summer with our kids, and now with the rainy arrival of fall it is time to get back to work! This week I’m sharing some of the newest projects I’ve been working on. I recently started using Daniel Smith’s iridescent watercolors (from their Luminescent Watercolor line) and loving the results I’ve gotten. They’ve added a new layer of depth and I’m interested to see how they interact with my various textures of paper.

Daniel Smith’s Luminescent Watercolors

My favorite project I’ve been working on with these new watercolors have been my moon pieces. I was very moved by the North American Eclipse and created a few different pieces during that week. The first one is the painting I created the morning of the eclipse.

North American Eclipse painting © C.S. Rausch 2017

This was the first attempt at using the iridescent paints for a moon. I didn’t use as much for this version, and in the next attempts I went a little heavier, I used silver, gold or both. Each of the following are 3 x 3 inch paintings I’ll be selling at my next fall festival. I mixed in some blue with a few of them and I like that each of them turned out differently.

Individual new moon paintings © C.S. Rausch 2017

I highly recommend using these paints to add a more opaque look to your watercolors as well.  I’m personally not a fan of using opaque watercolors (which you can purchase, but I’ve not discussed before) simply because I feel they tend to look “muddy” instead of crisp. You can check out this short blog post by the very talented Brenda Swenson to learn more about opaque paints. With the Daniel Smith’s Luminescent paints I feel I get the same affect after building up a few layers, but it doesn’t disrupt the transparent look of the rest of the paints. My final moon painting is the largest one I’ve created so far and gives you a better look at the effect these paints create.

“New Moon” © C.S Rausch 2017

Finally, I’ve decided to work on a series of female portraits I hope to exhibit in the spring time, along with my series of yoga paintings. My two latest attempts at portraits are different from previous in that didn’t use any ink to create an outline. This will likely be the style of my portraits going on. If you have a picture of yourself (and you’re female) that you love, let me know and maybe I can add it to the collection!

© C.S. Rausch 2017
© C.S. Rausch 2017

Next week I’ll dive back into the Watercolor 101 series and discuss which paint brushes I use and how I care for them. Thank you to everyone who keeps following the blog and has remained patient with me while I try to figure out this whole blog thing and the direction I want it to take.


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