Bambi Watercolor Series (and Dealing with Change)

Last week, I started a new watercolor series titled “Bambi” which I’ve been slowly sharing over the last few days on my Facebook page and Instagram. I’ve always wanted to do Disney inspired work, but decide that this time around instead of doing the Disney cartoon versions, I would paint my own more natural looking deer. If you’d like to see all seven Bambi pieces, then be sure to follow me on social media! I was inspired by the crazy nice weather we’ve been having that’s drawing out all the adorable baby animals from the woods nearby (this weather has also been keeping me from being productive to be honest and so I did not plan out a more engaging blog post for this week, sorry).

“Bambi” #1 © Chelsea S. Rausch

These are small 4 x 6 paintings, like the flower series I did after my honeymoon. I’m finding that doing small series like these are really great for me when I’m in a busy season of life. There are just times in life when I can’t sit down and sketch out large paintings like I would want to. Art has always been a priority in my life though and these small series are helping me find the balance between my love of art and all those adult responsibilities I need to attend to.

“Bambi” #2 © Chelsea S. Rausch

One of the things I’ve learned through my yoga practice is to recognize that life has many seasons. I’m, admittedly, one of those people that gets overwhelmed easily when I sense change is coming. As I’m entering this post graduate school season, my focus has shifted onto job hunting and novel writing which, when you add in all the things I need to do at home for my family, leaves less time than I’d like for art. This made me very anxious at the beginning of summer. I liked the set schedule I had the whole time I was in graduate school, but now that needs to change an adjust.

“Bambi” #3 © Chelsea S. Rausch

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t still anxious, because I totally am, so I’m consistently reminding myself that this is just one season of life. I will adjust and be fine and then I’ll do it all over again when the next season comes. Hopefully with a little less anxiety. In the meantime, I’m grateful for what I do have and the time that I am still able to dedicate to art even if it isn’t as much as I want to. I’m taking my own advice though from a few blog posts ago, and creating a new weekly schedule to make sure I’m setting aside time for my art and the ever important self care.

“Bambi” #4 © Chelsea S. Rausch

If you have any tips for how to deal with life’s “seasonal changes” let me know in the comments below! In the meantime, I’m going to set time aside to plan out some more blog posts so if there is anything you’d like to talk about, tips to share or really anything let me know that in the comments section as well.

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