Back from Vacation with Flowers

This is just a short post to update everyone that I’m back home! There wasn’t a blog post this past Wednesday because I was in the process of recuperating from vacation. I didn’t realize I was going to need a mini-vacation after my vacation, but between being in three different time zones, hiking multiple days in a row and living on a train for a good portion of the trip I was a little worn out.  Now I sound like I’m complaining about my honeymoon, but despite being thoroughly exhausted when we got home, I wouldn’t change a thing about it (except the part where American Airlines canceled our flight and we were stranded in Phoenix for awhile).

I taught my husband some yoga at many of the stops along the way, he’s better at it than I expected.

Over the next few weeks I’ll write a couple more extensive posts about my travels and why I think everyone should see America by train at least once.

Back at home, I’m finishing the last two weeks for my Master’s program (whew!) and getting started on all the new ideas I have for watercolors. One of them is a simple botanical series inspired by my recent travels. Watercolor botanical art is what initially drew me to this art form. Here are two watercolors from the series so far, and what inspired them.  Please excuse me for not knowing the names of basically any flower that grows naturally or otherwise in the United States.

This flower is actually one I’ve seen all over, but they had lots of them growing in pots around the city of Chicago, which was the first stop on our trip. I know we have them here in Pennsylvania too and they’re very popular. I loved seeing them in Chicago though because it was so rainy and dreary, but these guys stood tall and welcomed us anyways.

These flowers were ones I saw from the train as we crossed into one of the desert parts of Utah. The landscape of was full of these beautiful plateaus, but there wasn’t a lot of plant life. Some scrubby gray brush and the rare tree was about it, except for these bright yellow wildflowers.  No one could tell me what they were called, so if you know please tell me in the comments below! I absolutely loved how they dotted the landscape and broke up all the browns and reds.

Next week, I’ll be sharing my insights on train travel along with just a few of the 900+ photos (thank you Google and my Pixel phone for unlimited storage)!

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