Name Change and MerMay

If you’ve been following me on social media and/or the blog then you noticed I officially changed my last name. I’ve had a few questions about why so I’ve decided to address them with a short explanation. I’d like to start by saying though, that I know there are lots of women who get married and choose not to change their names or continue to work professionally under their maiden names. I fully understand why women do that and support their choice. I think changing your name is a personal decision that each individual needs to make for themselves,  based on their own beliefs, situations and what makes them happiest. I’ve had a few people be extraordinarily harsh towards me about changing my name and it’s frustrating because I don’t see how trying to tear other women down is helpful.

But, I digress…

Here is the number one reason why I changed my name and the only one that really matters:

My kids.

My husband did not enter my life alone. He came with two wonderful and beautiful children that I’m so extremely proud of! They are two of the sweetest and most loving individuals I’ve ever met and by the time I married their father I couldn’t imagine my life without them. So when the name change talk came up I said I wanted to change my last name. Not because it’s my husband’s, but because it’s theirs. It is the last name of my step kids and husband who are the people that make up my amazing family. I wasn’t forced, pushed or guilt tripped into it. This was a decision I made after a lot of self-reflection and I’m so happy that I did it.

If you disagree, that’s fine, but it isn’t necessary to be cruel towards me because my decision doesn’t reflect your personal beliefs (please try to remember their yours and not mine).

And now that I’ve said my piece on that, I’m moving onto one of my latest yoga inspired series: Yoga Mermaids!

This one is inspired by Allie from The Journey Junkie

I started this project after finding out about the MerMay challenge on Instagram. The goal of the challenge is to create a mermaid drawing each day in May. I decided to combine my love of mermaids and yoga! This a crazy month for me though (a trip this past weekend plus leaving for my week long honeymoon on Friday, oh and college) so I’ve not been able to make too many thus far, but am working on them as often as possible. Here are some that I’ve made this month!

I have a few more coming and if you’d like to see them as soon as their finished, then be sure to follow me on Instagram (@cwtr92)! Also, be sure to like my new Facebook page under the name Chelsea S. Rausch, each like is so greatly appreciated because you’re helping me expand my audience a create an online brand. For everyone who has been there since the beginning, thank you so much!

Next week I will be traveling, but there will be a fun little blog post to keep your eyes open for!


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