Something Different: Photography Work

This week I’ve been working on preparing for the last term of my Master’s program, which begins on Monday. Preparing for that partially means working and also taking time to relax, so yesterday I spent the majority of the day at the art museum and my favorite greenhouse to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. I really enjoyed taking time to see the beautiful watercolors by Homer and Sargent, two of my favorite artists of all time.

Now, not only am I feeling refreshed, but inspired to try some different styles of watercolor and really work on the fine details of my craft. While we were at the greenhouse I took lots and lots of photos to reference for future watercolors. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed using the camera, something I haven’t done in months, and decided to share some of my edited photos.

In the next week, I’ll start to update my Etsy store with my latest watercolors and hopefully create some new ones to share with you soon.

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