Busy, busy, busy!

There has been an endless amount of creative work these last few weeks and I’m eternally grateful for that! I’ve been busy in the studio creating more yoga paintings, packing and shipping the ones people bought and creating new watercolors as well. I’m honored and thrilled that so many people have responded positively to my work and want to make pieces of mine a part of their home.

This is not where I thought 2017 was going. I honestly had my reservations about continuing to sell artwork. I’m thankful for all the inspiration and motivation I’ve gained from yoga and my fellow yogis pushing me to keep working! I’m trying to figure out now where I want to go next and what my plan is for the rest of the year. There is still an abundance of school work to be done as well and a family to take care of,  so it’s a busy, busy, busy life, but I’m thankful. I still need to find a better direction to take this blog in as well….suggestions are welcome!

Here are a few things I’ve created over the past few weeks, which is includes a snowflake to honor the random snowstorm we had just before spring, a four leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day and a ghost from the video game Destiny to honor my lovely husband.

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