More yoga, some flowers and an ear of corn.

It has been busy non stop here between art, writing, kids and everything else. Fortunately, it’s been a productive kind of busy though. I’ve been so much more energized to create art and write than I have been in months, and I think it has a lot to do (okay, probably everything) with my recent pursuit of yoga. If you haven’t checked out Allie and her community over at The Journey Junkie then you are really missing  a wonderful opportunity. One of the pieces I’ve completed in the last week is a watercolor painting of Allie, the yoga journey leader extraordinaire, herself!

This was such a fun piece to make, mostly because I know the bright and loving personality it’s based on! And I’m extremely thankful to Allie for letting use her photo as a reference. I’m also excited to share a few more watercolors of my fellow Journey Junkie Community members, and you can see all the pieces I’ve created over on my Instagram account (@cwtr92).

Outside of my yoga watercolors, I’ve created a few other small pieces. One is a simple vase of flowers (because that’s a staple in the art community) as well as an ear of corn (because my husband said that’s what he wanted).

So this has definitely been one of my more productive weeks all winter, which I’m totally and utterly grateful for. It seems like all I want to do anymore is either yoga or paint.

Otherwise, there’s SO. MUCH. SCHOOL. WORK. to be done which is holding me back from pursuing some of my other side projects I’ve been wanting to do. I don’t know the last time I crocheted anything, or even completed a crochet project, there are a few headless and armless creatures hanging out in my yarn basket. Still, I’m happy with where I’m at creatively, even if it isn’t where I intended to be. Currently there are 16 pieces in my yoga watercolor series, but I’m thinking of making many, many, more and seeing what I can do with them as a large collection.

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