Yoga Watercolor Series

I decided over the last week to jump into another short term watercolor project. I benefited so much from the daily practice with Space Cats that I wanted to keep that momentum going. I’ve been finding lots of inspiration in my daily yoga sessions, usually lead by Allie, from The Journey Junkie.  She’s created tons of wonderful FREE yoga videos you can check out on her YouTube channel! I didn’t fall madly in love with yoga, like I am now, until I started to follow Allie on YouTube and Instagram. I highly suggest getting over there and checking it out. Allie also has a FaceBook group, Live Your Journey Community, which is where I got help with my latest daily project. This is such an amazing group to be a part of whether or an experienced yogi or beginner.  I asked my fellow journey goers if I could have pictures of them in their favorite yoga poses and the response has been phenomenal! So many lovely, super talented and wonderful people sent me photos to use and below are some of the ones I’ve finished thus far:

I seriously can’t get over how fantastic this group of yogis are! I’m getting tons of positive feedback and encouragement which is not normal. I forget how much of my day is spent working alone, hoping that a project will be received well, and now I’m getting more praise than I definitely deserve pretty regularly. It’s crazy…and I’m crazy grateful for it.

I’m not sure where this project will end up. The next art show is still up in the air, but I’m going to keep working on things regardless. I think there is a future for these pieces that I just haven’t seen yet.

I definitely need to end this post with an ENORMOUS shout out to Allie and all the members of the Journey Junkie Community for being such an integral part of my yoga and art.  You guys are AMAZING!

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