This past weekend was also the exhibit for Space Cats which went well and I was fortunate to meet and view work from other extremely talented artists. I’m looking forward to participating in another show soon with the same group of people. Hopefully the remaining Space Cats watercolors will be available for purchase in my Etsy store by the end of the week.

While preparing for the show I didn’t have a lot of time to get into watercolors, so I focused on pencil sketches. I started sketching one of my all time favorite science fiction creatures: the xenomorph from the Alien franchise. The first is the facehugger, then the chestburster and finally the beautiful xenomorph itself. To say I’m excited about the upcoming movie, Alien: Covenant, is an understatement.




Things are getting busier and busier here in my life, but I’m continuing my mantra of drawing or painting something each day. Even if it’s a five minute sketch or updates to an old piece, the important part is keeping artistically active as much as possible. I’m hoping to do more pencil sketches like the ones above, of things that I love and adore as a science fiction/fantasy nerd.

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