Almost done with Space Cats…

I thought, naively, that this would be the winter that we escaped without any serious sickness. I was wrong of course so this last week, especially the weekend, was one filled with endless doses of medication and tissues. I’m still on the mend, but was at least well enough to do some watercolor work and show preparations. This Saturday is the Lansdale Fun-a-Day art show and I’m excited to see all 31 Space Cats together. Here is a photo of them all lined up on my table.


This was definitely a fun project and I’m glad I didn’t decide to do anything super serious for this show. I’m realizing now that between the wedding, school and being sick that anything more in depth would not have happened.

The other good thing that came out of this project is that I’m getting pretty good at creating nice little space scenes. I utilized those skills for Valentine’s Day and made gifts for my children and husband.

Next on the agenda, art wise, are a couple commission projects and hopefully time for some fun little pieces like Space Cats. I realized while working on Space Cats how much I can benefit from working each day. Last year, I focused on one medium sized piece a week which was great and helped me a lot. Space Cats though, because each was similar in style, helped me hone special skills (like creating a space themed background) and so I would like to do more work like this. And eventually, I swear to the good Lord, I will find time to create and launch that secret crochet idea I’m always talking about. It will likely have to wait until school is over.

For now, I will be focusing on trying to not get any sicker.

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