A finished hobbit hole and some more space cats…

It has been another week focusing on novel-writing and finishing the Space Cats project (which I’m happy to say is only five cats away from being done) so other than finishing my small hobbit drawing I haven’t done much else art wise. I’ve realized that for the next couple months as I finish graduate school many of my larger art project ideas are going to have to wait.

I wish there were more hours in the day, so I could sit and just focus on art for awhile, but I’m making due with what I’ve got. On the other hand the novel is coming along much better than I expected. My hope is that over the next few weeks I’ll come up with a better idea of what to write for this blog as well as work out some outline for my crochet project.

There is still one more day left to get 20% off your purchase in my Etsy store (no minimum purchase necessary) so please, please, please check that out! And course, here are some more space cats:




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