In a hole in the ground…

I’m writing this post in the early hours of the morning because space cats and novel-writing took over my life this week. I had hoped that there would be time to work on other art projects and my super cool crochet idea, but I’m just not there yet. I’m doing my best to not berate myself. I don’t like to halfway do anything, so when I decided to write a novel for my thesis project it meant committing as if I were attempting to get published tomorrow.  The same goes for space cats. Even though this up coming art show is not high end (that’s just to say there’s no judging or attempts to sell, not that it isn’t important or meaningful, because all shows are) and I’m exhibiting 31 space cats does not mean I shouldn’t give it my all. Anytime I’m putting a piece of my creative self out into the world I take it seriously. It has meant putting some of the things I desperately wanted to do on the back burner temporarily.

There are certain goals I set for myself this year that I’ll have to reassess, but overall I’m happy with the level of commitment I’ve given to being creative. Especially in terms of writing which is something I put aside for years. My hope is to one day write more engaging, possibly creative blog posts, but for now you’ll have settle for the boring-here’s-what-is-going-on posts I’ve been writing.

I did take a short reprieve from space cats and the novel to start working on a small colored pencil piece. I’m not a huge color pencil person and haven’t used the medium by itself in years, so this should be interesting. If you can’t tell, it’s a hobbit door hence the title of this blog post. I’ve been relying on J.R.R Tolkien and Lemony Snicket for writing inspiration all week.


And because I know how much everyone seems to adore those space cats, here is a look at a few I did this week, plus one small advertisement for my Etsy sale going on until February 10th.  Use code SUPPORTART20 to get a 20% discount off your purchase!



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