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I’m considering this week the beginning of my “new year” because it took a lot longer than I realized to recoup from the wedding. Now it’s time to figure out my goals and plans for 2017.

The year is starting off by participating in Lansdale’s Fun-a-Day art show that takes place in February. The idea behind the show is to create one piece of art each day in January, and then display them in a group show. Obviously, I’m a little behind on projects because of the wedding and getting life back to normal, but I’m getting caught up day by day. My project is cat themed, since cats are the best and my cat likes to sit still for sketches. I’ll be doing simple outlines and then filling in around them with watercolor designs. You’ll see what I mean in next week’s post. I’m pretty excited!


After I’m finished creating for this art show, my goal is to keep doing at least once piece of art each week like last year. I’ll continue to blog about it since my focus this year is one blog post each week. My other focus is on my writing. I’ll be graduating soon from my Master’s program and I would like to be sharing more of my creative writing.

My side project for this year though is actually a crochet idea I have, that I’ll be keeping on the down low for just a little while longer while I work out more ideas. Until then, it’s art, writing and keeping up with the blog!

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