Gestures and what day is it again?: Projects 48 and 49

To anyone reading this, male or female, who thinks they may want to get married someday in the near or distant future, my advice to you is don’t plan it near the holidays. Just don’t. It is madness. Oh, and don’t try to plan a wedding in three months.

When I posted last about two weeks ago it was a completely different world. Now, a month away from my wedding, I am just a wandering lost soul of confusion. I didn’t think I’d be this person either. I’m super organized, low-key and only have about 60 guests coming. I recklessly abandoned my large summer wedding, practically out of nowhere, in a desperate attempt to avoid stressing myself out. A plan that might have worked if I hadn’t decided to get married at the end of the holiday season. Not to mention trying to plan it in less than four months.

Did I bring this all upon myself? Absolutely. Am I still going to complain? Yes…sorry not sorry as they say.

The real downside to all of this is I’ve given myself very little time to paint. Still, I managed to complete two projects. They both started out as gesture figure drawings which I ended up painting on top of. I have to say the free nature of these projects was a huge stress reliever. I know tons of people who hate doing gesture drawings, but I love it. I love not thinking intensely, even if it is just for two to five minutes.

There are a million other challenges going on in life right now, but I feel this one short rant is good enough for now. My goal for after the holidays and the wedding is to actually focus on my superhero project like intended. On a positive note, I’m only three projects away from my goal of 52, one a week, in 2016!



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