Superheroes: Project 47

I spent the last week or so being mostly quiet on social media. The reason being, that the world of the internet post-election, was heartbreaking. This entire past election cycle had already broken me down and as soon as the results were announced I knew it was about to get even worse. I discussed this briefly in a short post to social media on Monday, so I won’t go into it a bunch, but I truly hope there’s a way to unite the nation in the near future. I don’t know what the answers are, because there are so many problems, and there are deep divisions in this country that existed before Trump. There is no single answer and no quick solutions to any of the issues facing us as country. But there has to be a way forward and I know that I’ll continue to try and figure out how I can be a part of the solutions. I hope others do as well.

And that’s all I have to say on the current state of things in America.

As far as art goes, in the last few weeks I’ve made some superhero watercolors and added various things to my Etsy store, so be sure to check that out. For project 47 I’m going with good old Spider-Man, but here is a look at a Deadpool I did as well.



If you follow me on social media, which let’s be honest, you should be then you saw a picture of Captain Marvel I’ve completed as well. I’ll share more on her and other female superheroes I’m working on next week, so stay tuned! If you want to see things ahead of time or just see what I’m up to on a day to day basis then make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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