Moving from Harry to The Doctor: Project 41

My first art show this month will be, as you know, Harry Potter themed and I’ve finally gotten the majority of that work behind me. The watercolors are framed and all but one set of prints have been made. All that HP work is what kept me from posting last week though. On that note, by the way, if you’d like to stay up to date on shows, what prints will be there and generally if I’m alive or not please connect with me on social media! Instagram (@cwtr92) or Facebook ( are the places that I update the most frequently.

Now that all the work for the Harry Potter Art Show is getting behind me, I’m preparing for another show I’ll be in at the end of the month called The Dark Arts show. This will take place in Lansdale on November 4th during the Zombie walk event. As I receive more details I’ll be sure to share them. For this show I’ve moved onto another one of my favorite “fandoms” Doctor Who. I’ll be creating four watercolors of what I think are some of the creepiest villains and monsters on the show. First one up is called “Are you my mummy?” and is also project 41 for my yearly goal of 52.


This is the gas masked child from the two part episode, “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”. This is one of my favorite sets of episodes, because it was creepy and introduced Captain Jack, who is one of the best characters. I’m on the fence about adding a background, and will be waiting to see how the other three turn out before I decide, because I want them to all look like they belong together despite being different monsters/villains. Want to see what I’m working on this week? Follow me on social media if you want updates throughout the week or wait until my next blog post comes out!

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