Jean Haines: Project 36

For Project 36, I attempted to try out a new style of watercolor taught by the super talented artist Jean Haines. It went….eh. There were a few things that I liked and quite a few moments where I was asking myself “what the hell is happening”. But I pushed forward! I constantly remind myself that one of the most important things you can do as an artist (or really a human being) is finish. Even when it isn’t going the way you planned, you keep going. It’s how you learn. If I quit every time something started going wrong I would have never learned how to do things right. I also wouldn’t have developed any of my own style. In this project for example, I was trying too hard at first to recreate Jean Haines art instead of applying her techniques to my own ideas. When I stopped trying to copy and just learn, I created what I’ll officially call Project 36, which is this rooster (and I apologize in advance for all the poor photo quality):


Is this the best thing I’ve ever done? Oh God no. But, it was made using techniques and ideas I hadn’t thought about before, while still having some of my own style in it. And for the sake of showing everyone what the learning process is like, here are two of my other attempts at Jean Haines style watercoloring. The one on the right is supposed to be a rose and the other a bowl of apples.

Again, best things I’ve ever done? Absolutely not, like not even close. But I finished both of them. And what will happen is I’ll use them for scrap paper. So the next new thing I try out, I’ll be using the backs, sides and any available white space on these to test first. Why do I do that? Because seeing these other finished practice pieces always helps to motivate me to finish the next. Plus, good watercolor paper is super expensive.

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