Rabbits: Projects 34 & 35

Last week I was away on vacation and now this week I’ve been back at work on the watercolors. I created a couple more Harry Potter themed ones, but the real project for this week ended up being some more black rabbit watercolors inspired by my rabbit Flynn. One or two of these will be donated to Rabbit Wranglers which is a nonprofit in Pittsburgh that takes care of abused, neglected or abandoned rabbits. This is a cause that is near to my heart, not only for my love of rabbits, but animals in general. Ignore the black numbers, those were just to help the wonderful people at the rescue decide which ones they wanted, they aren’t part of the actual image. I’ve decided to count these as two projects for the my goal of 52 projects this year. Watercolors 3 and 4 are project 34, and 5 and 6 are project 35.

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