Lots of Projects and Starting Again

Here is a collection of work I’ve created since my last post on June 1st. I know that my New Year’s resolution was to create one piece of art for each week of the year and I have stuck to that, I just haven’t stuck to posting regularly. June was a busy month with my sister’s wedding and July I focused on my watercolor class and relaxing. Now, I feel ready to get back at it with art, blogging and posting weekly, although I make no promises about always being on schedule.

These are projects 23-31, one for each of the eight weeks I gone and this week, plus one extra which is the flowers because that was just practicing, I don’t count it as a piece for my year’s collection.

On a side note, for anyone who has been following me for sometime, you may have noticed I took down the modeling side of my blog. When I first started this website it was primarily to market myself as nude art model. Well, no surprise, there was a lot of backlash and I decided to focus on myself as an artist. Over a year has passed though and I’m slowly thinking of easing my way back into modeling, although it is highly doubtful I’ll be sharing many (if any) photos.

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