New Projects and New Etsy Sale!

Good morning everyone!

I’m in an extremely excellent mood today and have been since 6am this morning.

I don’t honestly remember the last time I was this awake that early (and happy). I’ve been making a lot of positive changes in my life lately and it’s great to start to feel the benefits. So, although Mondays are rarely fun for anyone, I hope you woke up at least a little cheerful today. For me this Monday represents a new beginning because it’s the first day of my Master’s program. I’m going for a MA in English and Creative Writing with a focus in fiction. Wish me luck!

In honor of the new start, I’m trying to clean out my art storage. Which means today only you can use the coupon code CLEANHOUSE and received 40% off of ANYTHING, and I mean anything, in my Etsy store.

Go forth and purchase something! You’ll make my day even better :)! That means I’ll be forever grateful to you as well. Below is a look at a wood burning project I need to finish and my lovely workspace this morning.

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