Another flower and pilates

I’ve been really bad lately about keeping up with my posts and sharing.

Sorry about that!

The good news is I finished not one, but two, drawings/watercolors/pastels this week. They’re both of flowers (the first one is in a previous post) and I’m considering them both part of project #7.

In other good news, I’ve started getting my strength back after being sick for so long! The secret? Pilates. I’m doing other things (rower, resistance bands) but it’s the pilates I feel is making the biggest difference. Below is a look at the challenge I’ll be doing next month through with Robin Long (who is AMAZING!). Plus (an unflattering) picture of me holding a pilates pose! I’m proud of this because I’ve been working all month on be able to hold this, on both sides, for ten long breaths without falling over or shaking.

And below that is the second flower project!



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