I know I fell behind.

Yes, I didn’t do my usual post update on Monday. Long weekend. But I did not fall behind on my goal! I’ve still been working on a new art project this week. This is my take on the DnD Monk. I was flipping through the players guide and some art online. Then I decided to do my own. Mostly because I didn’t see any women who were practically dressed for battle.

So I’m drawing a in simplish style and doing a little coloring of the figure digitally (right now it looks too much like the reference photos, will change tomorrow). I’ll then print on photo paper and attach to the watercolor paper you see below. Then I will do more watercolor and pastel on/around the photo. We shall see how this mixed media project goes. Sorry for the crappy photos of my screen. But I was in the zone and didn’t feel like stopping to save separate files to upload.

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