A Little Delirium, watercolor/acrylic

So here it is, project number three of 2016!

“A Little Delirium”

Based on the character Delirium created by Neil Gaiman.

I full on went with the flow for this project. I didn’t plan out anything beforehand, other than wanting a face and a fish. Everything else I decided as I went. Not my usual process at all, but I’m happy with the outcome.

The background is canvas with acrylic paint. Her face was printed on photo paper, which I attached to the canvas. Then her hair, lips and eyes are painted with watercolor. I filled the rest of the paper in with acrylic paint to match the background. The fish is watercolor with a tiny bit of colored pencil (scales) on watercolor paper, cut out and attached to the canvas.

You can see all the steps before the fish in a previous post.


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