Matthew the Raven, watercolor/oil pastel

This is the final result from this week’s work!

“Matthew the Raven” the first watercolor of 2016.

It is a mixture actually of oil pastels and watercolors. The head is predominately oil pastel while the body is mostly watercolors. The black markings surrounding the raven are pastel.

I feel extremely proud of how this turned out. At first I was a little nervous taking on an all black bird. I am always worried about pictures turning out flat. That’s where the pastels definitely came in handy, because I find them much easier to blend. Being able to blend the gray and white helped make things less flat.

For anyone interested in using these two mediums together, I would keep in mind that the watercolors don’t sit well on top of pastels. Maybe there’s a way to do it, but I haven’t figure it out, so I always recommend using watercolor as the base of the image instead of pastels.

I would like to thank my wonderful husband-to-be for all his feedback and support.

I’m looking forward to starting another project next week!

raven6 raven5 raven3 raven1

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