Watercolor #1: Raven

If you didn’t read my last post, which you should, my resolution this year is to paint one watercolor each week of 2016. So that’s at least 52 brand new pieces of art. Part of my resolution is to document this journey via my blog and social media.

Wish me luck.

So, the very first watercolor is going to be of a raven. As of this moment, I’ve only researched and looked for reference images, which I’ll include below. What have I learned so far though? It is VERY important to make sure you have a picture of a raven and not a crow.

This first photo is by an amazing photographer, Christopher Martin, and will be the image I reference the most. It’s an absolutely stunning photo.



Jasper Fall Wildlife Workshop with John Marriott

Raven_Crow-e1348519015520 ml_nature_crowraven_crow_web2 raven-walking raven

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